Parts & Service

Can I order parts factory direct?
You can only buy parts through your nearest MirroCraft dealer, we can not sell parts direct.

Can I get a replacement BIA tag from MirroCraft?
No sorry, we do not have the means of making replacement tags for non current boats.

Where can I purchase parts for my boat?
We do not sell parts direct, it is necessary to contact your MirroCraft dealer direct for accessories or parts.   If  you need any assistance finding a part, please email us at info@mirrocraft.com and we will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

Do you have a parts and accessories catalog?
MirroCraft does not supply a parts and accessories catalog.

Do you have covers and canvas for older boats?
The best way to assure fit for an older boat is to find your local custom canvas shop and have them make what you desire.  We can not assure fit and shipping costs on bimini tops, etc can be more then the top itself.

Do you have paint, decals and matching seats for older boats?
We only carry these items for about 5 years from the date it was manufactured.  The easiest way to get paint is to visit your local Automotive type paint store and have them best match it.   

Is there a diagram or schematic for my wood floor or transom?
No we do not have that available.  Our best advice is to copy what your taking out or redoing and put that back in.

General Questions

How can I apply for employment with MirroCraft Boats or Montego Bay Pontoons?
Please fill out this application and either email it to info@mirrocraft.com or mail it back to
Northport Marine, LLC PO Box 380, Gillett, WI 54124

How can I determine the model year of my MirroCraft boat?
This all depends upon the age of the boat but, after 1973 your MirroCraft serial number will start off with "MRR" and the last 2 digits of the serial number will be the year. For example, MRR00000H399 would mean your boat is a 1999 model. The picture below is an example of a 2014 serial numbered boat.
Also here is a reference for boats made earlier then 1973, serial number starts with:
1970, 1971, 1972 are very hard to determine.

Please email us your serial number for anymore information about it.

Serial Number Plate

Is there an owners manual for my boat?
The only owners manual we have is right here.  Owners Manual

What is the value of my MirroCraft boat?
We can't give you the value of your used boat, please contact your local dealer or check out online websites for used values.

What makes a MirroCraft boat better and unique over the competition?
Here is a nice flyer showing and explaining how we do things different at MirroCraft.

How do I find the serial number on my MirroCraft boat?
It will depend on the age of your boat. You should be able to stand behind your boat and on the outside, upper, right hand corner there should be a tag with your serial number attached. On older models, pre 1973, the serial number might be stamped on your capacity tag inside the boat.

How can I find a MirroCraft Dealer?
Our website offers a convenient way of finding your closest dealer in your area. Just enter a zip code and we can give you a list of dealer options in your area. Click here to find your local dealer.

What brand engine can I buy for my MirroCraft?
Northport Marine, LLC is an employee owned company that packages their MirroCraft boats & Montego Bay pontoons with any outboard engine that your dealer provides.

Can I buy Mirrocraft boats or Montego Bay pontoons factory direct?
No, we offer all of our product through our dealer network. To find your nearest dealer click here.

Why should I buy a MirroCraft over a competitor?
Distinct Features:
1) Fiberglass consoles. Stronger, repairable and more appealing then plastic.
2) Rib spacing. We use 10" rib spacing, the tightest in the industry.
3) Aluminum thickness. Our side and bottoms match or exceed competition.
4) Independantly owned. Gives the customer a choice of engine brand.

Please check out this informative flyer.

Where is Gillett, WI ?
Gillett is a small rural town approximately 45 miles northwest of Green Bay, WI.

How long has MirroCraft been building boats?
Mirrocraft has been building boats since 1956. Started off in Manitowoc, WI and moved to Gillett, WI in 1983.

Does MirroCraft build pontoons?
Yes. Montego Bay Pontoons was introduced in September of 2012. Please visit www.montegobaypontoons.com

How can I see a 2019 MirroCraft catalog?
Click here to view it now.
Otherwise you can find them at your local dealer or email us your information and we will mail one out.